SunVuale was a Canadian-based public company (OTCBB: SVLT) that developed renewable energy solutions.

The company developed graphene-based supercapacitor technology for use in solar cell arrays. In November 2015 Sunvault announced that is has completed the development of a graphene-enhanced smartphone battery case that uses the company's supercapacitor technology, and it aims to crowd-fund this project.

The company is no longer in business.

Company Address: 
107 Portside Court
Kelowna, BC 1

The latest Sunvault graphene news:

Sunvault Energy and Edison Power sign solar and energy storage projects in Delaware

Sunvault Energy and Edison Power Company announced that they have signed a solar energy generation and large scale battery storage project in Delaware. The total size of the project is 484kW with both Solar Photovoltaics and 600kW/300kWh Battery Storage for 3 fire stations.

The project is meant to start immediately as Sunvault has existing inventory of solar panels to begin project design and construction. The Company plans to utilize the Sunvault / Edison Graphene Electrical Energy Storage device (EESD) as the "battery" component within the projects, further demonstrating the technology in actual field.

Edison Power and Sunvault Energy create unique graphene-reinforced plastic

Sunvault Energy and Edison Power Company announced that it recently conducted a number of tests on its graphene reinforced plastic technology. Sunvault has created a Graphene Reinforced Plastic that is cost effective and with potential uses that could change the landscape of plastics utilization. This revolutionary material can give products increased endurance but with the weight and simplicity of plastic. In addition to the material's many consumer advantages, it also has some protective attributes that are truly impressive.

Two video presentations were made, the first demonstrated the ability of the graphene reinforced plastic to stop a collection of 22 caliber and 45 caliber bullets, before demonstrating in the second video presentation the ability to stop the most commonly faced weapon of aggression in the military: the AK47.

Sunvault Energy and Edison Power Company to Kickstart graphene-based smartphone battery case prototype

Sunvault Energy announced that it, in conjunction with the Edison Power Company, has completed the development of a graphene-enhanced Smartphone Battery Case that is built initially for the IPhone. Smartphone case designs for major brands such as LG and Samsung and other Smartphone manufactured devices are to follow shortly. The Company will be submitting this prototype for certification and verification.

The Battery Case will provide approximately 5000 mAh (milliamp hours) of energy to the first prototype IPhone model. The case will charge in roughly 3 minutes and will provide approximately 200% of additional power for most smartphones that are in the average 2400 mAh battery range. In addition to the fast charging, the case will not experience or generate any significant heat, and will have the unique attributes of both a battery and supercapacitor. Additional attributes will include superior cycles that will go far beyond the Lithium Ion spec of 500 cycles of charge / discharge before battery requires replacement. It will also be considerably lighter than current products on the market. The Company will start by focusing on the top Smartphone lines, which include: Samsung, Apple IPhone, Lenovo, LG, Huawei, Xiaomi and Sony.

Sunvault announces far-fetched plans for a graphene fuel cell electric supercar

The newly established Edison Motor Cars, a partnership between Sunvault Energy, the Edison Power Company and Delaware Corporation, has declared a highly ambitious first project: an electric car powered by graphene-based hydrogen fuel cell that will allegedly perform better than a Ferrari.

The car, to be named Edison Electron One, is meant to be unveiled in 2016 and equipped with an electric drive unit at each wheel, providing the vehicle with 1,355 Newton meters of torque (which is almost double that of a Ferrari 488 GTB and one third more than that of the Tesla P85D). The car will also be able to accelerate from zero to 100 km/h in about two seconds and recharge in five minutes.

Sunvault Energy and Edison Power present a 10,000 Farad graphene supercapacitor

Sunvault Energy, along with Edison Power, announced the creation of the world's largest 10,000 Farad Graphene Supercapacitor. The companies declared that this development is the most significant breakthrough in the development of Graphene Supercapacitors to date.

Sunvault's CEO says that the technology can be defined as a hybrid, bringing the power density associated with a battery together with the high impact fast charging known to capacitors. He claims that at 10,000 Farads, a Graphene Supercapacitor is powerful enough to power up a Semi Truck while being the size of a paperback novel. the companies are focused on developing their technology and shrinking the size of the unit in the near future.