Edison Power and Sunvault Energy create unique graphene-reinforced plastic

Sunvault Energy and Edison Power Company announced that it recently conducted a number of tests on its graphene reinforced plastic technology. Sunvault has created a Graphene Reinforced Plastic that is cost effective and with potential uses that could change the landscape of plastics utilization. This revolutionary material can give products increased endurance but with the weight and simplicity of plastic. In addition to the material's many consumer advantages, it also has some protective attributes that are truly impressive.

Two video presentations were made, the first demonstrated the ability of the graphene reinforced plastic to stop a collection of 22 caliber and 45 caliber bullets, before demonstrating in the second video presentation the ability to stop the most commonly faced weapon of aggression in the military: the AK47.

With a thickness of less than a centimeter, the graphene reinforced plastic was only slightly scarred by the .22 and .45 rounds. In a second video presentation, the new plastic composite was set against an AK47 round. The damage to the plastic was more significant, but the round also failed to penetrate, which is encouraging at this early stage of development.

Further testing has been carried out according to standards that define the parameters of the test requirements to classify and determine if a material can be seen as stab proof. The revolutionary development by the company has attracted quite a bit of attention and Dr. Robert Murray-Smith is conducting additional Edison lab demonstrations and meetings for those interested parties.

This material could impact everything from protective gear for police and the military to upgrading vehicle amour. Not only do automobiles including military vehicles and aircraft stand to benefit from the protective qualities of the graphene reinforced plastic, but that, combined with the economics and the weight advantages of the product, means that other products such as drones will have unique capabilities when coupled with this protective graphene plastic layer. Laptops, Tablets, Cell and Smart Phone outer layers could be almost impermeable to destruction.

Posted: Jan 12,2016 by Roni Peleg