Sunvault Energy signs agreement with Edison Power Company to enter Alberta electricity market

Sunvault Energy announced signing a letter of intent with U.S-based Edison Power Company to retail power within de-regulated power markets. The first market as part of the roll out strategy is planned to be the Alberta market, followed by other similar markets and markets that have time of use pricing.

Sunvault will be working closely with Edison to launch a new power retail program that will be unique in its approach and will benefit Alberta consumers greatly. Sunvault will work through its incubation company, Aboriginal Power Corp, for power sales within First Nations territories. Sunvault aims to supply Alberta with "green" energy using its graphene supercapacitor technology and e future to spread out to aditional areas. The company's services are planned to cost less than existing market providers, while offering the same kind of Green benefit to consumers.

Sunvault declared that "introducing Edison Power to the Alberta community will begin the process of introducing our Graphene Supercapacitor Power Storage Technology into the area of Grid stabilization as well as establishing the Edison Power Company brand to the Alberta consumer."

Posted: Apr 14,2015 by Roni Peleg