Sweden-based 2D Fab announces the opening of its new graphene production plant

The Swedish graphene manufacturer 2D fab has announced that its new industrial-sized volume production plant has opened. Apart from increased production capacity, the new plant is said to be more energy-efficient and enables a consistent graphene quality.

This news comes about year and a half after 2D fab's decision to expand the production capacity, due to its vision of growing demand for graphene. The new plant increases 2D fab’s production capacity to ten tons of graphene per year.

Benefits of the new plant, the Company shares, include a higher degree of automation and improved work environment. The production plant is also said to be more cost-effective, increases the energy efficiency of the process, and enables a more consistent and predictable graphene quality.

These benefits were designed in order to allow the Company to provide customers with custom made graphene in an improved capacity.

2D fab’s production process is hydromechanical, i.e. water based, and no harmful chemicals are being used. The Company’s emission level is close to zero, and all semi-finished material will be re-circulated. The process is also very energy efficient studies show that it uses less than one percent of the energy consumption compared to other comparable processes thus very environmentally friendly, says Kajsa Lake, Production Manager at 2D fab.

Posted: Jun 24,2020 by Roni Peleg