Tachmed is a UK-based company that developed a digital diagnostics device based on graphene biosensors to test for various different conditions, including COVID-19 and flu. 

The tool has been designed to act as the main point where information about a person’s health is collated. Via machine learning and AI-enabled technology, this data is then automatically processed and shared securely with the relevant parties.

The AI then makes decisions based on the data, calculating what behavioral changes or therapeutics are required to improve that person’s health. If a prescription is required, the process can be automated or a follow-up appointment can be booked with a GP. Essentially, patients are getting a consultation with a doctor via a virtual front door.

As these devices can be used for a range of different conditions, the technology could also transform how those living with chronic health conditions manage their own health. This might be identifying symptoms earlier or taking preventative measures to ensure their condition does not deteriorate. 

Company Address

Ashbourne House, Old Portsmouth Road
United Kingdom