AGM reports a growing pipeline, expects to supply satellites adhesives to Airbus soon

Applied Graphene Materials logoApplied Graphene Materials reported its financial results earlier this year (revenues of £97,000 and a net loss of £4.3 million), and the company recently released its annual report which discloses some interesting facts and updates from the year.

In FY2017 (which ended in July 2017), AGM shipped over 230 Kg of graphene dispersions to customers - almost double what it shipped in FY2016. The company's pipeline grew "notably" and it supplied over 200 samples to potential customers. AGM also says that an increasing number of companies are moving towards production - most notable Airbus.

10 graphene-enhanced products already on the market

Graphene has been attracting attention due to its exciting properties and countless ideas for applications benefiting from those properties have been thought of; However, it is rightfully claimed that graphene has yet to transform an actual industry or become a household name.

With that said, graphene seems to be slowly but surely entering the market in all sorts of products. In this post, we list 10 products already commercially available that contain graphene - and these are not all of them. Hopefully this is just the beginning and many more applications will follow.

International wheel producer Vittoria sells a range of bicycle wheels that are built from graphene-enhanced composite materials. The wheels, called Quarno (Graphene Plus inside) are available in three different editions (46, 60 and 84 mm) and contain graphene nanoplatelets (GNPs) provided by Directa Plus. The company explains that the graphene grants the wheels advantages like heat dissipation (15-30°C lower) – a crucial factor in the slopes, an increase in lateral stiffness (more than 50%) and puncture reduction, especially around the valve area.

Applied Graphene Materials announces a fundraising of £9 million and reports financial results

Applied Graphene Materials reported a fundraising of £9 million under a placing of shares. The company said the funds would be used to support its "joint development activity" with customers, development of its Structural Ink program and to provide working capital for scaling up production capacity.

The company also reported its financial results for the year ended July 31, with a loss that narrowed modestly to £4.3 million from £4.5 million the year prior. Revenue was £97,000 (up from £75,000 the year before). Cash on hand fell to £4.7 million at the end of July from £7.7 million the year before.

Applied Graphene Materials partners with HMG Paints to commercialize graphene coatings

Applied Graphene Materials has partnered with HMG Paints to develop and commercialize graphene-containing coatings for a variety of industries. Following an initial stage of controlled environment testing, which reportedly produced positive results, the two companies are now testing their product in a real world environment.

Tests will focus on the application of graphene-based coatings in both the commercial Vehicle and construction Equipment markets in partnership with a leading UK commercial vehicle body builder.

Applied Graphene Materials enters agreement to develop and commercialize a new graphene ink technology

Applied Graphene Materials logoApplied Graphene Materials has outlined details of a new graphene-enhanced ink technology and signed a development deal with the University of Sheffield Advanced Manufacturing Research Center. A patent for this new development, called Structural Ink, has been registered and once fully commercialized, the product will be targeted at the advanced composites industry.

The technology will aim to enable users to increase mechanical toughness, through the addition of graphene. This is ultimately designed to improve performance, enable further weight reduction and reduce total manufacturing costs.