First Graphene receives large PureGRAPH order

First Graphene has reported a large purchase order for 2,000 kg (2 tonnes) of PureGRAPH range products from newGen for delivery during 2019. FGR states that this order represents a step change in the business as it starts to scale up for larger size orders. In addition, FGR says that the premium price to be received pursuant to the order "debunks the myth that graphene is expensive".

As previously reported, FGR is working closely with newGen Group to provide performance enhancement to their existing products. newGen Group has recently introduced a branded Amour-GRAPH product range of wear liners for bucket wheel, pipe spools and conveyor applications.

First Graphene expands its reach to the cement industry

First Graphene has announced a new contract introducing its PureGRAPH range of graphene products into the cement industry. FGR confirmed its manufacturing partner newGen Group will supply a wear lining system for dyer chute applications to a large Australian cement producer in their Perth facility. FGR reports that each 50 sqm liner will contain 10-12kg of PureGRAPH product and is expected to be cast and installed in December.

This contract follows other recent announcements made in relation to First Graphene’s research and development collaboration with newGen. According to First Graphene, the client is a leading supplier of cement and lime to Western Australia’s mining, agriculture and construction industries.

First Graphene demonstrates the use of its PureGRAPH in a high volume application in the mining sector

In June 2018, First Graphene signed a Memorandum of Understanding with newGen Group (WA-based mining industry supplier, providing liners for the leading iron ore producers) for the development of graphene-enhanced products (primarily polyurethane liners) for the mining services industry. Now, the two have reported that PureGRAPH graphene has been successfully incorporated into a high volume application in the mining sector.

Graphene-ehanced bucker FGR imageThe reclaimer bucket liner strengthened by PureGRAPH graphene

A full scale mining reclaimer bucket was cast for an on-site trial. Test work has confirmed PureGRAPH readily disperses into the polymer resin used, and now further bucket linings will be cast and sold for use in northern Australia.