Haydale and Talga sign a commercial supply and development agreement

Haydale logoTalga Resources logo 2017UK-based advanced materials group Haydale Graphene Industries has entered into a commercial supply and development agreement with Australian-listed Talga Resources. The agreement will see the two companies work together on the production, sales and marketing of jointly developed graphene-based transparent conductive ink products for industrial applications in Asia.

The two companies have been working together for a few years, and will now look to enhance the properties of Haydale’s graphene-based, transparent conductive ink by using Talga’s highly conductive graphitic materials. Initial tests showed that Talga’s material can enhance electrical conductivity of Haydale's transparent inks by 15% or more above that of synthetic graphite.

UCLan team tests graphene materials for aerospace applications

Researchers at the University of Central Lancashire (UCLan) are exploring the practical applications of graphene in the space industry. In a recent experiment, they launched specially-designed graphene-enhanced carbon fiber material into near space using high altitude balloons.

UCLan team tests graphene for aerospace applications image

By comparing a graphene-enhanced carbon fiber to a standard carbon fiber casing, the researchers will be able to test how both react to extreme conditions in space. They will then compare the results to determine how graphene can be utilized for aerospace applications.

Haydale develops graphene-based anti-counterfeiting technology

Haydale logoHaydale, the global advanced materials group, has filed a patent application in the UK for a its PATit anti-counterfeiting technology, which uses proprietary software codes and a specialty graphene-based, transparent conductive ink. The graphene-based ink can be printed onto products and then ‘read’ by a device to prove their authenticity

The advanced materials group stated that it wants to initially target the anti-counterfeiting market as it is expected to double over the next four years to be worth more than US$200 billion by 2021. Haydale added that the filing of the application is an important in allowing it to begin discussions on potential commercial applications of the technology.

Haydale teams up with ARTIS, Avon Rubber and Trelleborg Antivibration Solutions in new rubber R&D project

Haydale logoHaydale, ARTIS, part of Avon Rubber and Trelleborg Antivibration Solutions have announced a two-year research and development project to investigate the use of Haydale’s patented plasma functionalization for the enhancement of recovered carbon materials that are produced from the recycling of waste tyres so that these materials have the desired properties to enable them to be reused in engineering applications of rubber.

The project will also use plasma functionalized graphene, either alone or in combination with the newly developed recovered black materials as a hybrid system, to develop novel multifunctional elastomeric materials and products that can find a wide variety of applications across several different industry sectors.

Haydale and Imagine IM sign agreement to establish graphene-based conductive coatings capability in the US

Haydale logoUK's Haydale and Australia-based Imagine Intelligent Materials have signed a strategic agreement to establish a graphene-based conductive coatings capability in North America. According to the agreement, Haydale is to acquire exclusive license to Imagine IM’s “Plant In A Box” graphene processing technology and establish US supply chain for graphene-based conductive coatings that are designed for the global geosynthetics market. Haydale will also import inventory of imgne X3 to support planned field trials and early adopter orders.

The companies state that the signing of a Letter of Intent (LOI) between them marks the first step in establishing a strategic collaboration. In parallel, Haydale has issued a Purchase Order to Imagine IM for a quantity of Imgne X3 that will be sufficient to enable 50,000m2 of conductive geotextile to be manufactured. This will ensure that there is available supply in the US ahead of the commissioning of a full-scale plant at Haydale’s manufacturing facility in Greer, SC.

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