Talga and Bentley Motors to develop graphene-enhanced motor parts

Talga Resources, battery anode and graphene additives developer, has announced that it has been approved for Innovate UK co-funding to support development of an e-axle designed for Bentley Motors.

Talga takes part in Bentley Motors project for graphene motor parts imageCopper windings in EV electric motors components. Image credit: Talga Resources

The OCTOPUS project aims to deliver the ultimate single unit e-axle solution designed specifically to meet Bentley Motors performance specifications via optimized motor and power electronics technology and materials. The project is funded under the Office for Low Emission Vehicles’ and Innovate UK’s IDP15: The Road to Zero Emission Vehicles competition.

Under the project Talga will develop and provide graphene materials for the high performance electric motor windings to deliver an aluminium-based solution aimed at outperforming, and ultimately replacing, the copper windings currently used.

The improved motor windings form part of the project’s aim of developing next generation lightweight high performance component systems that integrate the latest advanced materials and manufacturing techniques.

The components are to be tested at sub-system and system level for an integration route into future e-axle designs.

Talga Managing Director, Mark Thompson: We are delighted to engage in jointly developing Bentley Motors’ e-axle concept with our consortium partners and are honored to have earned Innovate UK’s continued support. The successful use of Talga graphene material to lend aluminium the properties required to outperform copper in electric motors would be a big advancement. For automotive manufacturers this could reduce vehicle weight and increase performance, safety and driving range while retaining sustainability and economics. Lightweight and high performance automotive components perfectly complement our Li-ion battery anode products, and the advancement could pave the way for opportunities to replace copper wire in many large-scale applications globally.

Posted: Apr 27,2020 by Roni Peleg