Talga Resources to collaborate with German JenaBatteries on graphene-enhanced flow batteries

Talga Resources recently signed a collaboration agreement with JenaBatteries to jointly explore the use of Talga’s graphene products in flow batteries. Under the Agreement, Talga will formulate and supply graphene for testing in components producing JenaBatteries’ patented polymer flow battery, a type of redox flow battery suitable for commercial scale and grid applications.

Talga’s graphene will aim to reduce manufacturing costs and increase the performance and longevity of the flow battery components by utilizing graphene’s properties of conductivity, chemical inertness and impermeability.

The collaboration provides a platform for Talga’s graphene to be introduced to the large stationary energy storage sector, using variants of its graphene already developed for mobile energy applications.

JenaBatteries is a German-based technology company that is commercializing its globally patented metal-free redox flow battery. By using a new class of energy storage polymers instead of vanadium and other metal-ions, JenaBatteries aims to produce batteries in the megawatt/megawatthour (MW/MWh) range.

Posted: Sep 18,2016 by Roni Peleg