Thomas Swan secures four government grants for graphene applications development

Thomas Swan logoThomas Swan, the privately held global chemical manufacturing company, recently announced that it has received four places in the Innovative UK program (formerly the Technology Strategy Board) for identification and optimization of applications in which graphene can be integrated to add substantial value.

The lead participants in this program are Sharp Laboratories of Europe (energy storage), Smith & Nephew Extruded Films (separations), M-SOLV (touch panels) and Nano Products (printed electronics). The projects will also collaborate with leading UK experts at the University of Manchester, the University of Bradford, the University of Surrey and Nottingham Trent University. 

In March 2014, Thomas swan introduced two new high quality graphene products under the Elicarb brand. The first was Elicarb Graphene Powder (GNP powder) and the second was Elicarb Dispersion (AQ), a water/surfactant dispersed graphene nanoplatelets at a concentration of 1 gram/liter. 

Posted: Nov 17,2014 by Roni Peleg