Vaulta logo imageVaulta is a battery casing technology company based in Brisbane, Australia. Vaulta has developed a lighter and smaller battery case with fewer parts, creating scalable efficiencies and opportunities for manufacturers. Vaulta uses graphene as a critical part of its design.

Vaulta’s innovative no-weld design means modules can be easily assembled and disassembled, cells reused and recycled, and new cells added as battery technology continues to evolve. Vaulta targets various markets - from stationary storage and electric vehicles to defense, aerospace and beyond.

The casings by Vaulta are said to contain fewer parts, reduce development time, reduce costs, grant improved thermal performance, reduce weight by 10-15%, enable easier and quicker assembly and more - on top of being recyclable and/or reusable.

Vaulta's patented design uses graphene initially in the outer casing to create a thermally conductive yet electrically insular housing. This helps to remove heat directly from the cell terminals, which if it were a metal would be a much more complex design to avoid short circuiting the battery. Being a polymer allows for greater design freedoms by eliminating fasteners, and reducing weight and size.

The current collectors also use graphene and some other proprietary processes which Vaulta could not disclose, to create a high electrically and thermally conductive current collector to move current through the battery module. This design is lighter weight, and allows greater design freedoms.

Company Address

213 Shaw Road
Wavell Heights QLD 4012