Verditek and Paragraf shooting for high efficiency silicon/graphene solar cells

Verditek and Paragraf have announced that they have successfully applied graphene to a photovoltaic (PV) cell as part of a joint development program (JDR) and are now continuing work with the goal of surpassing 25% efficiency.

London-based clean technology company Verditek explains that as part of the partners’ first development project they applied Paragraf's graphene manufacturing process to Verditek's solar technology to produce a working proof-of-concept silicon/graphene integrated solar cell. As a next-stage project, they will aim to boost the performance of the cells, develop the opportunity to file patents and possibly initiate commercial discussions for industrial manufacture and application.

Verditek chairman Lord David Willetts explained that graphene improves the performance of solar cells by lifting their conductivity and eliminating the need for electrical conductors. The cells with graphene are also lighter and could be used in more applications.

The partners target efficiencies that are greater than the 21%-23% currently offered by conventional silicon cells.

Posted: Jun 18,2019 by Roni Peleg