Versarien enters commercial partnership with textiles company MAS Innovation

Advanced materials company Versarien recently shared that it has signed a commercial partnership agreement with textile-sector company MAS Innovation. The agreement followed a letter of intent between the parties, which set out their intent to enter into a formal commercial partnership.

The agreement specifies the terms under which the parties would secure commercial orders for garments developed using Versarien's proprietary graphene ink materials. It allowed both parties to finalize additional contractual terms with third party brands.

Versarien's CEO Neill Ricketts said: "This is the first demonstration of our graphene commercialization strategy with a major global partner moving from the stage of having a collaboration agreement, through signing a letter of intent, to entering into a full commercial partnership agreement"... "We look forward to working with MAS and its customers to bring innovative graphene enhanced garments to the global marketplace".
Posted: Nov 27,2019 by Roni Peleg