Versarien reports strong performance in World Cup competition using graphene-enhanced equipment

Versarien has noted the recent strong performances by British Skeleton World Cup competitor Dominic Parsons utilizing graphene-enhanced equipment provided by Versarien’s collaboration partner Bromley Technologies.

Versarien has been collaborating with Bromley since May 2016 to incorporate Versarien’s graphene enhanced carbon fibre into the skeleton sleds being produced by Bromley. Utilizing one of three Bromley X22 prototype sleds, Parsons set the fastest speed of 137.3 km/hr at the International Bobsleigh & Skeleton Federation World Cup Race in St. Moritz.

A significant contribution to this speed is attributed to the addition of the new sled 'pan' (baseplate/ underside fairing) which was aerodynamically designed for Parsons to reduce drag. The sled pan design was manufactured by Bromley Technologies using Versarien's graphene-enhanced carbon fiber material.

Posted: Jan 22,2018 by Roni Peleg