Versarien's tech to be used in new Umbro training kit

Versarien has announced that its Graphene-Wear technology will be incorporated in Umbro's top-of-the-range Pro-Training Kit for the Spring/Summer collection 2023. Umbro and Versarien have been working on several projects since 2018, and this is the first one that will reach the market.

Versarien and Umbro say that the Graphene-Wear formula will enable wearers to experience enhanced thermal transmittance, increased moisture management and drying rate of the garments. The garments will have Versarien's Graphene-Wear trademark applied.

To develop the Graphene-Wear technology in sportswear, Versarien said it has carried out extensive wearer trials with the University of Gloucester and a recognized testing house.

"As a brand, we are dedicated to constantly pushing the boundaries of our product innovation, said Umbro’s head of global product, Colin Lomas. This is another major step forward for us and we are pleased that after a long experimentation phase with Versarien, we can now introduce this innovation."

Versarien chief executive, Neill Ricketts, added: Graphene-Wear is a novel technology with benefits for the wearer in terms of performance and comfort. This technology was developed in Manchester, which is also the home of Umbro. We are very excited to work with a brand with Umbro's deep-running experience in performance products and we look forward to the products going on sale to consumers."

Posted: May 10,2022 by Roni Peleg