Vorbeck Materials and Targray Technology is introducing Vor-Charge, a Graphene-based Composite Anode Material for Li-ion battery cells. The companies say that Vor-Charge can significantly increase batteries cycle life and enable faster recharge rates. Targray will be the the exclusive global distributor for Vor-Charge.

Vor-Charge photo

There are actually two different materials. The Vor-charge Anode-HC offers high current, short recharge, extended life, improved safety and good temperature range. The Vor-charge Anode-HE, on the other hand, offers high energy storage capacity, short recharge times and good cycle life.

Vor-Charge is a fully formulated anode composite with Li-ion storage material and graphene intimately mixed. This unique materials combination enables faster ion transport and electrical conduction, improving overall battery performance. Vorbeck claims that the material offers the following advantages:

  • Improved cycle life โ€“ Issues associated with graphite particle fragmentation and loss of capacity due to large expansion and contraction are eliminated due to the mechanically flexible graphene sheets that buffer volume expansion
  • Enhanced electron transport โ€“ The highly conductive graphene provides a robust network with strong electrical continuity
  • High efficiency โ€“ The high surface area of graphene coated with a thin layer of ion-storage material ensures even distribution and interconnection of the ion storage material and the conductive graphene

Here's the link to the Vor-Charge page, and here's the datasheet.