Vorbeck Materials launch a graphene-based flexible battery strap

Vorbeck Materials announced the Vor-Power straps, a light-weight flexible power source that can be attached to any existing bag strap to enable a mobile charging station (via 2 USB and one micro USB ports). The Vor-Power strap weighs 450 grams and provides 7,200 mAh. And it's probably the world's first graphene-enhanced battery.

The Vor-Power strap is also very rugged - it is water resistant and can survive a drop of over 24 meters. You can pre-order it now for $89.99 (the regular price, after July 15, will be $129.99). Vorbeck will ship this product by July. They also offer custom versions with your logo or marketing message.

Vorbeck Materials say that this is only the first flexible portable power solution from the company, and we should expect more. It's not clear exactly what's the technology behind this product, but it seems to be a Li-Ion battery enhanced by a graphene electrode.

Posted: Jun 14,2014 by Ron Mertens