World's first commercial graphene-based supercapacitor chosen for use in spacecraft

Skeleton Technologies is a European company with HQ in Germany and R&D in Estonia, that develops and manufactures supercapacitors. The company has devised a unique process to produce "curved graphene" from silicon carbide, which it uses in their line of commercially available supercapacitors called "SkelCap". The company states that their products deliver twice as much energy storage capacity and five times higher power performance compared to other ultracapacitors. The high degree of purity of curved graphene also ensures up to two times higher current tolerance, and four times lower resistance.

The European Space Agency (ESA) has recently chosen the company's products for use in spacecrafts, possibly by 2018. ESA representatives say this technology has the potential to increase mission safety while reducing mission costs. Skeleton Technologies’ SpaceCap cells will allow the packaging of a large amount of power into a very small space, creating opportunities for new applications.

Skeleton Technologies' product family ranges from supercapacitors for burst power needs with short application times (the SkelCap High Power Series) to high energy density devices for longer application times (the SkelCap High Energy Series).
Posted: May 05,2015 by Roni Peleg