Xefro's graphene-based heating system image under trials, ECL to supply the electronics

Note: Xefro was issued an order of liquidation after a legal entanglement and claims of deceiving the public.

Xefro, the UK-based company that is developing a graphene-based heating system, has employed the services of European Circuits Limited (ECL) to design and manufacture the electronics for its innovative heating system. Test systems are currently under trial, and Xefro expects this to be the world’s first commercial heating system using graphene.

Graphene has been selected for the heating element because of its potential for extremely efficient energy transfer, and so the company expects reduced energy costs of up to 70%. The heating system will consist of a Central Heating Controller that will communicate via RF signals to a Hot Water Controller and to the various zones, each zone consisting of a radiator or at least one heating element with AC Power Controller and separate temperature sensors. The user interface for the entire system will be via a mobile app.

All of the electronics for the system have been designed and produced entirely at ECL’s Glasgow-based facility.

Posted: Feb 10,2016 by Roni Peleg