Zen Graphene Solutions and TreborRx announce nitrile glove agreement

Zen Graphene Solutions has announced an agreement reached on January 16th with TreborRx (Trebor) for application of its graphene-based coating on nitrile gloves sourced or produced by Trebor.

ZEN will provide Trebor with a distribution agreement for Canada, the USA and Mexico. Trebor agrees to use the coating on all gloves sold and will pay ZEN a royalty per glove coated, with a minimum first year guarantee of 100 million gloves.

Greg Fenton, ZEN CEO, commented, We are very excited to build upon our initial partnership agreement with the team at TreborRx by extending the benefits of our coating to the nitrile glove market. This is a tremendous opportunity for both our companies and demonstrates the strength of our relationship and mutual pursuit of creating value and protecting our front-line workers. Additionally, we are pleased that both companies continue to make progress toward getting Health Canada approval and bringing PPE treated with our biocidal coating to market.

George Irwin, Trebor CEO, commented, We are excited to bring another game changer to the PPE Industry. We believe Zen’s biocidal coating on gloves gives front line responders and health care associates in all medical and non-medical situations additional protection for both the patient and health care worker. This coating can be used on gloves in food processing and agriculture as well. Trebor and Zen have a unique relationship with the goal of making safer PPE. Trebor looks forward to suppling the biocidal gloves within the 1st half of 2021.

With Trebor having received HC approval for their ASTM level 1 surgical mask and expecting level 2 and 3 shortly, ZEN is currently carrying out testing in accordance with ISO 10993-10 (Tests for Irritation and Skin Sensitization) and ISO 10993-5 (Tests for In Vitro Cytotoxicity) as this data is necessary for Trebor to apply for an amendment to HC to include the coating on their masks.

Posted: Jan 19,2021 by Roni Peleg