Zentek enters agreement with GMAF Circular Medico for graphene-enhanced Circular PPE

Zentek has announced that it has entered into a binding letter of intent with GMAF Circular Medico ApS (GMAF) to produce and sell ZENGuard-enhanced GMAF trademarked recyclable surgical masks (Circular PPE).

Zentek’s Medical Device Establishment License (MDEL) allows the Company to work with other manufacturers and distributors around the world to sell Class I PPE products in the Canadian market. Pursuant to the terms of the LOI, ZEN and GMAF have agreed to negotiate a definitive agreement to bring Circular PPETM coated with ZENGuard to the Canadian market while also evaluating regulatory requirements in other target markets. Commercial sales of Circular PPETM with ZENGuard outside of Canada will be subject to applicable regulatory approvals.

Denmark-based GMAF has successfully established a recycling program to collect and disinfect surgical masks and convert them into polypropylene pellets to be re-used in their production of surgical masks and other personal protective equipment. ZEN and GMAF intend to cooperate to incorporate ZENGuard into GMAF’s Circular PPETM surgical masks. GMAF’s manufacturing facility is located in Randers, Denmark. ZEN and GMAF will seek to optimize logistics by considering a number of delivery options, including, without limitation, ZEN shipping ZENGuard to be applied to materials at the facility in Germany from which GMAF currently sources its raw materials for surgical masks.

Greg Fenton, CEO of ZEN, commented, Improved PPE is an important part of limiting the spread of infections globally, and we believe deactivating pathogens and enhancing bacterial and viral filtration efficiency of surgical masks with our ZENGuard technology can help accomplish that. While the pandemic has greatly heightened awareness of the importance of infection control, it has also highlighted the need for sustainable solutions that reduce waste, pollution and our carbon footprint. Zentek’s vision is a healthier and safer world through nanotechnology and by partnering with GMAF we believe we can help to achieve this by protecting both people and the environment.

Ingo Walterscheid and Lars Thomas Kristensen, co-founders of GMAF, commented, We are both thrilled to work together with Zentek’s highly professional team, combining their strength on their nanotechnology ZENGuard with our Circular PPE surgical masks. We look forward to working with Zentek to provide our circular take-back solution, to eliminate waste and significantly lower CO2 emissions in the healthcare sector of Canada and other target markets.

Posted: Jan 13,2022 by Roni Peleg