The Zolo graphene-enhanced wireless earphones are now commercially available

Update: Currently Zolo is only shipping is Liberty earphones and not the Liberty+. Both products seem to be similar, but the Liberty+ has double the battery life.

Earlier this year, Anker’s audio brand, Zolo, launched a Kickstarter campaign for its Liberty+, a pair of graphene-enhanced fully wireless earphones. The Zolo Liberty+ earphones are now available on Amazon.

Zolo's graphene-enhanced earphones image

The earphones cost $99, which may seem expensive but the company explains that these are already wireless and offer a whole-day battery life. It also comes with AI for smart assistance and is sweat-proof (and so suitable for use in fitness activities). The ZOLO promises super clear and immersive sound quality and the graphene-enhanced technology reportedly results in impressive treble and clarity.

Posted: Nov 22,2017 by Roni Peleg