Versarien enters commercial agreement with MediaDevil to launch products with its Nanene GNPs

Versarien LogoVersarien has announced that it has entered into a commercial agreement with PhoneDevil ("MediaDevil") to launch a new range of earphones and other audio equipment and accessories which will feature Versarien's proprietary Nanene graphene nano platelets and utilize the Nanene brand. In addition, the companies are at an advanced stage of launching a range of mobile phone and tablet device accessories utilizing Nanene, which will also feature the Nanene branding.

The products, which will initially focus on earphones, will be sold on MediaDevil's online platform, in addition to other online retail platforms such as Amazon, along with being supplied to high street retailers and MediaDevil's distribution partners globally. The agreement will see Versarien's Nanene brand feature on all product packaging, for which Versarien will receive a royalty on each product sold.

Chalmers University to develop graphene-based loudspeaker membranes

Chalmers University in Sweden has launched a project, which received Vinnova funding, to design a graphene-based speaker membrane that would be stiff and capable of efficiently dissipating the exceeding heat of the speaker.

A cellulose-graphene composite will be designed, capitalizing on the intrinsic properties of the materials. To demonstrate this, Chalmers plans to use a commercial paper loudspeaker membrane modified with the composite. This way it will be possible to modify any size of paper cones from small 20 mm (tweeters) up to 460 mm (18” woofers) with the same technology, while offering the possibility of decreasing the distortion.

New graphene product targets audio interconnects

The audio field has been experiencing a major graphene boom recently. In addition to various existing headphones and earbuds, a graphene contact enhancer is now on the market. A new-Zealand based company called Mad Scientist Audio is selling its Graphene Contact Enhancer (GCE) that can be used on any metal-to-metal contacts, such as RCA plugs and sockets, loudspeaker leads, fuses, and so on.

Graphene Contact Enhancer product image

The product is said to 'fill in the gaps' and give a profound improvement in system performance when applied to the important contacts in a system (e.g interconnects, speaker leads, power cords, fuses, tube pins, etc). It reportedly does not suffer from the problems that silver-based products do, namely oxidation and ability to cause short circuits.

Ghostek launches the world's first headphones with graphene drivers

Ghostek announced a new graphene-based headphones, the Rapture Wireless Headphones. Ghostek says that the Rapture uses 40 mm graphene drivers to deliver a "Next-Level HD Audio Experience". Other features include Bluetooth 4.1+EDR, aptX Audio Technology, soft protein leather ear cups, a 3.5mm audio jack input, built-in HD microphone and a LED battery status.

Ghostek Rapture photo

Ghostek's Rapture Wireless Headphones will ship on January 22 for $125. You can pre-order it now on

Pioneer launches graphene-enhanced sports earphones in the Chinese market

Pioneer Corporation, leader in optical disc technology and a worldwide manufacturer of audio, video and computer equipment, has launched the SEC-S801BT - a heart rate sports earphones with graphene diaphragm. These will be made available in China as a start.

Pioneer's graphene-enhanced earphones image

The Pioneer SEC-S801BT is a Bluetooth dual-mode based sports earphones that track the user's heart rate while simultaneously playing music. The graphene diaphragm is considered a superior material for earphones as it allows more accurate sound reproduction and can deliver clarity in the mid to high frequency range. Using the graphene diaphragm, the Pioneer earphones reportedly provide a wider range of frequency response, resulting in an acoustically solid listening experience for the users that achieves a deep bass while still having best-in-class middle and high frequencies.

Versarien - Think you know graphene? Think again!Versarien - Think you know graphene? Think again!