Haydale supplies graphene materials for audio equipment by Rega Research

Haydale has announced it has supplied audio equipment manufacturer Rega Research ("Rega") with its mechanically enhanced prepreg for improved sound quality on its latest turntable.

Using Haydale's HDPlas technology, the graphene-enhanced prepreg has been applied into the manufacturing process for Rega's award-winning turntables. The mechanically enhanced prepreg has been combined into the stressed skin design of the plinth and bonded to the core material to increase the stiffness of the part by 11% reducing resonance and improving sound quality.


The technology Rega uses is the same as developed for the manufacture of jet aircraft wings that both require light weight and strength. The addition of graphene continues to place high-tech materials at the forefront of Rega's audio equipment development to achieve low mass and high rigidity.

Commenting on this latest development, Rega Design Co-ordinator, Colin Dilliway, said: "Every Rega product is designed to achieve the best musical performance and sound reproduction possible. These graphene enhancements have increased the stiffness of our product for improved sound quality. We look forward to working with Haydale on further developments aimed at making our products even better and manufacturing new ground-breaking products."

Haydale CEO, Keith Broadbent, added: "As we continue to work with market-leading customers, I am delighted to see graphene once again being used in application with significant performance improvements. Rega are well known for their use of high-tech materials and the use of graphene in their latest turntable is a ground-breaking product."

Posted: Feb 21,2023 by Roni Peleg