2-DTech enters agreement with the National Graphene Institute

The UK based 2-DTech, maker and supplier of 2D materials and University of Manchester spun off start-up has signed a Memorandum of Understanding to become a project partner of the National Graphene Institute (NGI).

The agreement will allow 2-DTech to work from the NGI facility upon its completion in March 2015, and is hoped to push forward graphene applications development and commercialization and help cultivate this relationship into a strategic partnership in the future.

The collaboration will benefit from both sides' experience and knowledge as well as from Versarien's commercial expertise and funding opportunities, as 2-DTech was acquired in May by materials manufacturing business Versarien, with the University of Manchester still in part possesion.

Posted: Nov 21,2014 by Roni Peleg
Jone Devil (not verified)

Really It's a great thing, Now we could  hope that it will be grate for graphene industries.

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