Abalonyx moves into large scale graphene oxide production with aid from Kongsberg Innovasjon

Abalonyx logoAbalonyx announced that it entered into a partnership with Kongsberg Innovasjon for both engineering support and an investment that will enable Abalonyx to start mass producing graphene oxide materials. Kongsberg Innovasjon will purchase a 21.5% stake in Abalonyx.

Since 2012, Abalonyx had a pilot production line, used to produce GO samples and verify the scalability and safety of its process. The two companies are now developing a new facility (in south east Norway) that will start production in Q3 2014 with a capacity of 8 tons/year.

Abalonyx says their produces can be used as additive to paints, polymers and metals, in addition for applications in water purification and fiber production.

Posted: Jul 07,2014 by Ron Mertens