AGM and Infinite Composites develop graphene composite material for space exploration

Applied Graphene Materials (AGM) and pressure vessel manufacturer Infinite Composites Technologies have collaborated to develop a composite material for space exploration.

The partnership saw the use of AGM’s graphene technology in two resin systems for cryogenic pressure tanks. These vessels are currently being explored by Nasa for use in several spaceflight missions, as well as International Space Station Experiments (MISSE), Artemis and Lunar Gateway programmes.

The incorporation of AGM’s graphene technology has reportedly assisted the containers in completing their first liquid oxygen loading test at -300ºF.

The use of AGM technology resulted in the removal of ‘nearly all microfractures in resin samples’.

Scanning electron microscope techniques were employed to perform detailed examinations of the composite structure.

Applied Graphene Materials CEO Adrian Potts said: AGM is proud to be working with the Infinite Composites team on this exciting development effort to support the future of space flight and sustainable transportation... In demanding applications such as this, where failure is not an option, it is pleasing that our graphene dispersions are driving the performance of composite materials. We congratulate the Infinite Composites team and look forward to contributing to further successes.

Under the Nasa MISSE programme, the proposal will test Infinite Composites’ materials for cryogenic tanks outside the ISS.

Posted: Oct 06,2019 by Roni Peleg