All-Canadian Project Arrow concept unveiled at CES, with graphene battery tech by VoltaXplore

Project Arrow, a collaboration between nearly 60 different companies in Canada that is led by the Automotive Parts Manufacturers’ Association (APMA), aims to develop an all-Canadian electric SUV. A few days ago, at the CES (Consumer Electronics Show) event in Las Vegas, a fully operational prototype was unveiled.

Reports suggest that the Canadian government contributed CAD$5 million (over USD$3.7 million) toward the electric compact SUV’s development. Ontario pledged CAD$1.8 million (over USD$1.3 million) and Quebec said it would allocate CAD$1.4 million (over USD$1 million) over 18 months to small- and medium-sized businesses that make connected or autonomous zero-emission automotive components and systems, including those looking to get involved with Project Arrow.

For instance, Quebec-based Fastco Canada supplied the stylish wheels, while the suite of five cameras, four radars and two lidars is supported by technology from Leddartech. The battery is made by VoltaXplore, a joint venture between Martinrea International Inc. and graphene company NanoXplore.

In fact, the only component that does not come from Canada is the dashboard display, which is supplied by Chinese company Lenovo. According to the APMA, no domestic manufacturer was able to take care of that part.

Despite the impressive prototype, Project Arrow will not be hitting the road too soon. Following CES, the concept will go on a two-year tour, stopping by auto shows and also visiting OEMs with a goal to find a production partner.

APMA president Flavio Volpe says a few have already shown some interest, without giving any more details. 

Posted: Jan 08,2023 by Roni Peleg