American Graphite updates on financials and graphene 3D printing research

American Graphite Technologies (AGT) announced several new updates regarding their financial status and graphene projects. First of all, the company completed a financing round, totaling $145,000 (out of which $95,000 were already announced last week). AGT is currently negotiating another round of equity financing.

Back in April 2013, AGT announced it is planning to collaborate with Ukraine's Kharkiv Institute of Physics and Technology ("KIPT") on graphene-based working materials for 3D printing. AGT now informs us that they expect to start the project shortly as they hope to finalize  regulatory approvals soon.

Regarding CTI Nanotechnologies, AGT's graphene research partner, they aim to get the production line setup and preliminary testing completed in the next 2-3 months.

Posted: Jun 25,2013 by Ron Mertens