Angstron Materials develops thermal foils for smartphones and electronic devices

Ohio-based Angstron Materials has developed a group of cost-effective thermal foil products that can be customized for handheld devices and other products. The company says that its foil sheets have been qualified for use by a major mobile electronics company. Such thermal foils can be used for the technology beneath devices' screens that conducts heat away from internal electronic components and batteries to help maintain optimal performance.

Angstron’s thermal foils are available in a variety of grades. The company states that its foils are thinner than other products on the market and so give manufacturers greater design flexibility than competing methods. Angstron’s foil sheets also can be sourced with equivalent or greater thermal conductivity.

Angstron’s application engineering manager and director of marketing declared that Efficient thermal interface materials are critical for current and next generation devices due to the growing demand for greater functionality in smaller spaces like the new Apple Watch.

Angstron says it is able to tailor its thermal foil sheets in thicknesses ranging from 5 um to 40 um with thermal conductivity between 800 W/m-K and 1,700 W/m-K. Angstron has mass production capabilities for its thermal sheets which are suited for use in a range of applications including tablets, laptops, flat screen TVs and EMI shielding.

Posted: Mar 30,2015 by Roni Peleg