Angstron Materials to launch new Li-Ion battery anode materials

Angstron Materials rolled out several new graphene products. The products (which will actually become available over the next few months) include a line of graphene-enhanced anode materials for lithium-ion batteries.

Angstron calls the Li-Ion battery materials "NANO GCA" and they say that this product line combines high capacity silicon materials with mechanically reinforcing, and electrically conductive graphene. This results in a high capacity anode capable of supporting hundreds of charge/discharge cycles.

The NANO-GCA line exhibits a specific capacity of up to 2000 mAh/g (traditional graphite anodes have a theoretical capacity of 372 mAh/g). This capacity of this material can also be tailored to the application by mixing with other conductive additives. Angstron says that these materials are backed by the first IP on graphene-enhanced anodes for Li-Ion batteries. This means that Angstron can produce these graphene enhanced anode materials without limitation.

In addition to those battery materials, Angstron will also release "several never-seen-before" graphene enhanced items. Sadly the company cannot provide more details at the moment. They only told us that the new product lines will include many off-the-shelf products that take advantage of graphene’s electrical, thermal, mechanical, and optical properties.

Angstron reports that currently the company has a graphene production capacity of over 300 metric tons annually - and they're already working on further capacity expansion.

A few months ago we posted an interview with Angstron's marketing and business development chief, Ian Fuller. Ian was kind enough to discuss the company's business and technology. Read the interview here.

Posted: May 14,2014 by Ron Mertens