Applied Graphene Materials logoApplied Graphene Materials has partnered with HMG Paints to develop and commercialize graphene-containing coatings for a variety of industries. Following an initial stage of controlled environment testing, which reportedly produced positive results, the two companies are now testing their product in a real world environment.

Tests will focus on the application of graphene-based coatings in both the commercial Vehicle and construction Equipment markets in partnership with a leading UK commercial vehicle body builder.

The graphene-enhanced construction materials market and graphene-enhanced coatings market have both been attracting quite a bit of interest lately. The construction materials market recently saw Zenyatta Ventures project with Larisplast for the production of a reinforced cement admixture, and the coatings market recently saw Talga's agreement with Chemetall, a global business unit of BASF Coatings Division, to co-develop and commercialize graphene-enhanced metal surface coatings, among others.