October 2023

G6 Materials reports its financial results for Q3 2023

G6 Materials Corporation has announced its financial results for the latest quarter, that ended on August 31, 2023. Revenues for the quarter were $320,907, down from $358,400 last year, while net loss was $426,946, down from $647,887 last year.

The company is now focused on improving its working capital position by increasing sales of its new epoxy product line and its Breathe+ Pro Advanced Antimicrobial Graphene Air Filtration System.. G6 is also focused on evolving its strategic partnership with Singapore-based MADE Advanced Materials.

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GMG updates on commercialization progress

Graphene Manufacturing Group (GMG) has provided a business update on the commercialization progress of THERMAL-XR powered by GMG Graphene.

GMG has announced it has received forward orders of over AU$400k (around USD$255,000) for THERMAL-XR from various distributors and customers worldwide. Most of the value of these orders is conditional on the in-country approval for the THERMAL-XR to be imported from Australia and sold into that country for the product's initial launch.

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Researchers develop graphene oxide-doped silica aerogels for efficient removal of pollutants from wastewater

Researchers from the Indian Institute of Technology Madras (IIT Madras) and Tel Aviv University in Israel, have developed a graphene oxide-doped silica aerogel adsorbent that can remove trace pollutants from wastewater.

This graphene-modified silica aerogel reportedly removes over 76% of trace pollutants (PPM level) in continuous flow conditions, offering a sustainable path for large-scale water purification. The research team is dedicated to enhancing these results for large-scale applications.

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Researchers measure mechanical stresses and strains in graphene-based supercapacitors

Researchers at Texas A&M University recently discovered that when charging a supercapacitor, it stores energy and responds by stretching and expanding. This insight could be help design new materials for flexible electronics or other devices that need to be both strong and store energy efficiently.

The team measured stresses that developed in graphene-based supercapacitor electrodes and correlated the stresses to how ions move in and out of the material. For example, when a capacitor is cycled, each electrode stores and releases ions that can cause it to swell and contract. According to the team, this repeated motion can cause the build-up of mechanical stresses, resulting in device failure. To combat this, the research looks to create an instrument that measures mechanical stresses and strains in energy storage materials as they charge and discharge.

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Researchers develop customizable graphene e-textiles

A research team, led by Soongeun Kwon from the Department of Nano Manufacturing Technology at the Korea Institute of Machinery and Materials (KIMM) and Professor Young-Jin Kim from the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Engineering (KAIST), has reported the development of customized graphene-based e-textiles.

Unlike most conventional methods that rely on toxic chemicals or optical masks for patterning, the research team used laser-direct patterning technology to create laser-induced graphene (LIG) on e-textiles. This approach led to the production of graphene-based e-textiles. The team converted raw Kevlar textiles to electrically conductive laser-induced graphene (LIG) via femtosecond laser pulses in ambient air. 

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New graphene production facility to be set up in Kerala, India

Kerala Government has decided to set up a pilot production facility for graphene. The production facility will cost ₹200 crores (over USD$24 million), the Chief Minister's Office said in an official statement.

The innovative facility will be established on a public-private partnership model. The Kerala Digital University would be the implementing agency, and Kerala Industrial Infrastructure Development Corporation (KINFRA) has been appointed as a special purpose vehicle for infrastructure development, the statement said.

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Haydale reports its latest yearly financial results

UK-based graphene developer Haydale announced its financial results for the full financial year that ended on September 2023 (FY22). Revenues were £4.30 million, up 48% from last year, as the company's US business is recovering. The company's operating loss, however, also increased to £3.49 million (up slightly from 2022).

Haydale sales that its US sales continued to progress with growth in the core aerospace and automotive markets. The company has established a regionalised manufacturer's representative network which is already showing signs of generating improved commercial traction within the North American steel mill, aerospace and automotive sectors for our finished tooling. 

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Graphene success story: Magellan and its quest to develop graphene-enhanced lubes and anti-corrosion paints

Magellan International Lube & Chemical is a small company based in the US, that designs and sells products for heavy industry and the performance world. The company's owner has been successful in solving solutions for NASA and he has been inducted into the NASA Space technology Hall of Fame for Advanced Lubrication Technology.

Magellan's research team has been attracted to graphene years ago, and have spent over 5 years testing and developing the ability to enhance its lubricants with graphene materials. The company's first project was to develop a graphene-enhanced assembly lube.

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Researchers report novel method for revealing and characterizing the spin-polarization of edge states in graphene nanoribbons

A team of scientists, led by David Serrate, CSIC scientist at the Instituto de Nanociencia y Materiales de Aragón, INMA (a joint institute of the CSIC and the University of Zaragoza), has imaged for the first time the magnetic behavior of a graphene nanostructure. The team has not only revealed the magnetic state of narrow graphene ribbons (~2 nm), but has also shown the method they developed to magnetically characterize any planar nanographene.

Starting with a specifically designed organic precursor, the researchers synthesized the ribbons directly onto a magnetic surface, obtaining atomically precise edges that contain an alternating sequence of zig-zag graphene segments. This geometry strongly confines the graphene electron cloud around the edge, which causes the instability responsible for the intrinsic magnetism of the graphene nanostructure –a remarkable fact taking into account that the ribbon is formed just by non-magnetic carbon and hydrogen atoms.

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GMG and University of Queensland collaboration on graphene-enhanced batteries gets Australian Economic Accelerator funding

A partnership between the Australian Institute for Bioengineering and Nanotechnology (AIBN) of The University of Queensland (UQ) and Graphene Manufacturing Group will aim to push forward the commercialization of graphene-enhanced batteries. The parties received financial support from the Australian Federal Government Economic Accelerator Seed Grant to promote the development of Graphene Aluminium-Ion Battery Technology.

“UQ will supply the material engineering technology and GMG has the battery fabrication facility so together we can further develop the Graphene Aluminium-Ion Battery Technology,” AIBN's Dr. Xiaodan Huang said. “A key feature of this battery technology is the faster recharging rate and longer life.

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