Avadain kicks off crowdfunding campaign to raise up to $5 million

U.S-based graphene flake producer Avadain has announced its new crowdfunding campaign to raise up to $5 million on the NetCapital funding portal.

Avadain says it will use the funds for further upscaling, patenting, samples and operating expenses.

We are on a good trajectory, says Brad Larschan, Avadain’s CEO. Panasonic-backed Avadain recently won a $3.77 million award from the US Department of Commerce to upscale its environmentally friendly graphene flake manufacturing process to mass production as part of a two-year project.

The project also includes demonstrating Avadain’s flakes in two applications. Project partner Flextrapower will use Avadain’s flakes to create affordable, high performance, breathable, N98+ graphene-improved masks. Additionally, the University of Arkansas will substitute Avadain’s high quality flakes for graphene oxide to demonstrate significant improvements in low cost and accurate portable graphene-based biosensors to detect live coronavirus in real time in situ.

Posted: Mar 30,2022 by Roni Peleg