Avadain kicks off second crowdfunding round to raise up to $3.6 million

U.S-based graphene technology licensing company, Avadain, recently launched its second
crowdfunding round to raise up to $3.6 million on the Netcapital funding portal. This follows
raising over $600,000 in January from angel groups Harvard Business School Alumni Network and Keiretsu Forum, and $1.36 million in its first crowdfunding round last year.  Avadain also attracted a $3.87 million government grants in 2022.

Avadain says it is the only company known to have a technology capable of manufacturing large (50-100 microns), thin (2-5 atomic layers), and nearly defect free graphene flakes cost-effectively in industrial volumes.

“We are on a great trajectory,” says Brad Larschan, Avadain’s CEO.

Panasonic-backed Avadain reports that it is well into the two-year US government-funded
project to upscale to mass production its environmentally-friendly electrochemical exfoliation and expansion technology.

Avadain says it will use the funds from the current crowdfunding round for further patenting, producing samples, generating data from different applications and operating expenses.

Posted: Feb 21,2023 by Roni Peleg