Avadain partners with MAGFAST to explore graphene-enhanced charging devices

Avadain recently announced it entered into a memorandum of understanding to explore the use of its graphene in MAGFAST’s family of next generation wireless magnetic chargers, charging accessories and charging-enabled luggage.

MAGFAST is a direct-to-consumer electronics company offering a family of premium charging products that snap together magnetically, charge wirelessly and support any smartphone, tablet or reader. By incorporating Avadain's graphene into its suite of industry-leading products, MAGFAST hopes to achieve enhanced performance, lighter weight and increased durability, resulting in a superior customer experience.


“We are excited to collaborate with MAGFAST to bring the fantastic properties of large, thin and nearly defect free graphene flakes to MAGFAST’s incredibly popular charging devices,” said Phil Van Wormer, Avadain’s Chief Commercial Officer.

“We are thrilled to partner with Avadain to seek ways to incorporate this 21 st Century material into our next-generation products,” said Seymour Segnit, CEO of MAGFAST. “We believe that Avadain's technology breakthrough for the mass production of graphene is truly remarkable, and we are excited
to work with Avadain to continue our leadership position in wireless consumer-electronics charging.”

“This partnership with MAGFAST is an exciting opportunity for Avadain to demonstrate the real-world application of our large, thin and nearly defect free graphene flakes,” said Brad Larschan, CEO of Avadain. “We are confident that our high-quality graphene will meet and exceed MAGFAST’s demanding
specifications for its next-generation products, and we look forward to expanding our collaboration going into the future.”

Posted: Jun 04,2023 by Roni Peleg