Harcros Chemicals signs Letter of Intent to use Avadain’s technology to manufacture graphene flakes

Harcros Chemicals, a U.S-based manufacturer of innovative and sustainable chemicals, has entered into a Letter of Intent (LOI) with Avadain stating mutual intent for Harcros to become the first company to commercially manufacture Avadain’s signature graphene flakes. Harcros has also made an investment in Avadain.

“There are many types of graphene materials,” says Brad Walden, Harcros’ VP for business development. “Harcros wants to be in the forefront of supplying the market for large, thin and nearly defect free graphene flakes which can be used to make thousands of products better.”


“We are thrilled that Harcros has become our first manufacturing partner to help unleash the Graphene Revolution,” says Brad Larschan, Avadain’s CEO. “Graphene can spark a new industrial revolution,” Larschan adds. “From making composites lighter and stronger to enabling electric vehicle batteries to charge in minutes instead of hours, graphene can revolutionize products. In a few short years, graphene is going to touch the lives of virtually every person, every day.”

“There are a range of uses for graphene based on the quality of the material,” notes Walden. “Harcros wants to take a first mover position by supplying the market for high value, high tech applications which require LTDF graphene flakes.”

Posted: Oct 19,2023 by Roni Peleg