Black Semiconductor

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Black Semiconductor logo imageBlack Semiconductor is a tech startup company based in Aachen, Germany. It was spun out of nonprofit research center AMO.

Its goal is to manufacture and market extremely powerful microchips with integrated electronic-photonic circuits.

Based on over 20 years of experience in chip development and fourteen years of experience in graphene technology, Black Semiconductor aims to initiate a paradigm shift in chip technology.

The Company is currently developing the first integrated super-chip based on graphene as active material. This opens the door to fundamentally new microchips that have the unbeatable advantages of two worlds - photonics and electronics - united in one super-chip. Speed-hungry applications such as AI, optical communication in data centers, 5G or chip-to-chip communication will run at unprecedented speed. Silicon mass production technology enables low cost and high-performance. We are changing the semiconductor industry.

Black Semiconductor plans to demonstrate the graphene photonic circuits on electronic circuits over the next three years (2020-2023). After that, it intends to move to foundry-ready process steps.

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11111 Aachen