Cambridge Graphene Centre and plastic logic sign strategic co-development agreement

Cambridge University's Graphene Centre (CGC) and Plastic Logic have signed a research collaboration agreement on graphene in flexible plastic electronics. Plastic Logic donated large scale deposition equipment to the CGC to support graphene development.

Flexible E Ink panel by plastic logic

A flexible tiled 42" OTFT e-paper display, made by Plastic Logic

The co-research currently has three main activities:

  • To develop graphene as a transparent, highly conductive layer for plastic backplanes for unbreakable LCD and flexible OLED displays.
  • To develop new transistor structures that use graphene-like materials as the active layer.
  • To explot the commercialization of graphene for flexible electronics.

The CGC was established in early 2013 with a £12 million grant from the UK government.

Posted: Jun 27,2013 by Ron Mertens