Chalmers University in Sweden has launched a project, which received Vinnova funding, to design a graphene-based speaker membrane that would be stiff and capable of efficiently dissipating the exceeding heat of the speaker.

A cellulose-graphene composite will be designed, capitalizing on the intrinsic properties of the materials. To demonstrate this, Chalmers plans to use a commercial paper loudspeaker membrane modified with the composite. This way it will be possible to modify any size of paper cones from small 20 mm (tweeters) up to 460 mm (18” woofers) with the same technology, while offering the possibility of decreasing the distortion.The project will engage three main partners. Transient Design Sweden will provide the expertise on sound-related technology and on loudspeaker benchmarking. Chalmers Industriteknik will provide general know-how on graphene, and will in investigate IP issues as well as other commercial and dissemination aspects. Applied Chemistry at Chalmers will support the project with expertise on formulation, especially cellulose based.

The proof of concept will be done by coating a membrane with a formulation of the graphene mix. The effect of the coating will be assessed in terms of reduction of distortion, among other criterion. Effects such as coating thickness and density will be evaluated.