Graphene Green Concrete (GGC)

Graphene Green Concrete (GGC) is a UK-based company with links to the University of Manchester. Its goal is to reduce the carbon footprint of infrastructures by producing concrete using 100% recycled aggregates instead of natural aggregates, without compromising strength & durability.

Graphene Innovations

Graphene Innovations logoGraphene Innovations is a graphene developer, with offices in the US, Canada and the UK. In 2022, the company became a Tier-1 partner in Manchester's GEIC center.


Graphenea logoGraphenea is a private European company (based in Spain) focused on the production of high quality graphene for industrial applications. Graphenea produces both CVD graphene (using Aixtron's Black Magic equipment) and Graphene Oxide materials.

The company offers graphene on several substrates and can also transfer the graphene to your own substrate in-house.


GrapheneDx company logo imageGrapheneDX is a diagnostics startup, developing a graphene-based technology for at-home testing.

It is designing a platform technology that will enable better and faster health management that will provide results in under five minutes. Its proprietary technology(under development) aims to reach accuracy on par with most advanced diagnostics technologies.


GrapheneMex logoGraphenemex was established in 2016 in Mexico with an aim to become a high quality graphene producer and applications developer.

The company currently produces both graphene flakes, graphene oxide, reduced graphene oxide and CVD graphene. Graphenemex's current capacity for graphene flakes and GO is about one ton per year.


GraphEnergyTech developed and patented a novel process to integrate graphene electrodes into solar cells, replacing the silver and other precious metals whilst retaining or improving power conversion efficiencies and reliability.
It is now working with partners to scale this technology and bring the cost and performance benefits to all types of solar cell.


GrapheneUP company logo imageGrapheneUP is a private and independent graphene company based in the Czech Republic, focusing on the bulk production of few-layer graphene and the development and commercialization of graphene-based additives, dispersions, masterbatches.


Graphenglass company logo imageGraphenglass is a Spain-based company that is focused on transferring the high performance of graphene to known materials.


GraphenicaLab logo imageGraphenicaLab is a Spain-based company, spun off company from the Catalan Institute of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology (ICN2) with a patented technology to print flexible graphene sensors and electronic devices on any surface.

Graphex Technologies

Graphex logoGraphex Technologies develops energy-efficient storage solutions, based on its proprietary graphene-based products - mainly its spherical graphite.

Graphex is developing Li-Ion batteries that utilize its spherical graphite.



Graphmatech logo (2021)Graphmatech is a Swedish graphene materials technology company that develops novel graphene-based nanocomposite materials and products. Graphmatech focuses on three main business areas - metal-graphene composites and coated powders, polymer-graphene composites and additives for energy storage.

In January 2017 Graphmatech reported a breakthrough made at the Division of Inorganic Chemistry at Uppsala University, Sweden, designing and manufacturing a graphene hybrid material with a cleverly designed microstructure.


GraphWear is a startup that is developing a graphene-based sweatpatch that detects important biometric data in real-time. It can analyze sweat and communicate its findings via mobile app. It could tell, among other things, when a person needs to drink water in order to prevent a muscle cramp.

Green Graphene

Green Graphene logoUS-based Green Graphene was established in 2015, to produce Graphene Oxide and r-GO materials using an environmentally-friendly process.

Green Tech

Green Tech logoChina-based Green Tech is a Supercapacitors developer, established in 2002. The company produces a wide range of supercapacitors, from single-cell units to large systems.

GRIP Molecular Technologies

GRIP Molecular logoUS-based GRIP Molecular Technologies develops in-house diagnostic test that is based on a single-use bio-sensor. The sensor contains CVD graphene.

GRIP Molecular raised $3 million in 2021 and is on track for a commercial launch in 2025.

Hangzhou Gaoxi Technology

Hangzhou Gaoxi Technology (GaoxiTech) logo imageHangzhou Gaoxi Technology (GaoxiTech) was founded in 2016 with an R&D center that covers an area of 10,000 square meters. GaoxiTech is focused on R&D, technical support and production of monolayer graphene and its macro-assembly materials.

GaoxiTech has developed and patented technologies for graphene oxide, multifunctional graphene composite fiber, graphene electrothermal film and graphene thermo-conductive film. GaoxiTech has obtained product certification of monolayer graphene and monolayer graphene modified functional textiles from the International Graphene Product Certificate Center.

Hefei Haizhou New Material SuperC

China-based Hefei Haizhou New Material, also known as SuperC, develops and manufactures nano-materials. The Company develops Few Layer Graphene materials (FLG), enabling the production of lithium ion batteries, fireproof coatings, anticorrosive coatings, electrical and thermal conductivity materials, and graphene composite materials.


US-based Hememics is commercializing a patented rapid handheld bio testing platform, to bring lab-quality results on a mobile device.  The company's platform is based on a unique graphene-based sensor that can detect molecular, antigens and antibody targets from a single sample.


HexagonFab logoUK-based HexagonFab develops biological sensors based on graphene. The company is a spin-off from the University of Cambridge.

HexagonFab offers sensors including handheld readout devices to analyze protein concentrations and interactions. The company says its graphene-based sensor offer highly sensitive results in an affordable and portable device.