Directa Plus and Candiani Denim launch new eco-denim textile product

Directa Plus has partnered with Candiani Denim, an Italian textile producer focused on innovation and sustainability, to launch GRAPHITO, an eco-denim textile. The eco-friendly denim textile combines Directa Plus' patented technology, providing antimicrobial and thermal properties, with Candiani Denim's bio-based polymer, which replaces liquid plastic in textile production.

GRAPHITO offers unique benefits by reducing water usage, energy consumption, and carbon emissions by up to 75% throughout the garment's wash lifecycle. Additionally, its antibacterial and antiviral properties enable up to 10 wears per lifecycle, while the thermoregulating properties make it suitable for all seasons.


The product flyer stated that in Europe, people wear their jeans on average 2.5 times before washing them. Graphito jeans can reportedly be worn 10 times before washing them and this reduces water usage by 75%. In addition, Jeans impregnated with G+ reportedly measured lower skin temperature and a higher external surface temperature, an indication of better heat dissipation and thermal comfort for the user. 

Posted: Jun 10,2023 by Roni Peleg