Directa Plus awarded project tender for Graphene Plus air filtration applications

Directa Plus recently announced winning a project tender by the Lombardy Region in Italy, as part of its research and innovation program, to further develop its Graphene Plus air filtration applications. 

The project will last for 18 months, and has a total value of around EUR400,000, which includes a non-repayable grant of EUR142,500, and a zero interest loan of EUR264,642, to be repaid over seven years.


Directa said the award would allow it to continue investing and developing its air filter applications. The company has been working on the development of Graphene Plus air filters since 2020, after commercializing the Co-Mask in the fight against Covid-19.

"We are excited to have been awarded this project tender by the Lombardy local government which recognises our commitment to innovation and developing advanced technologies. It will enable Directa Plus to further invest in and develop an innovative product enhanced by the unique properties of Graphene Plus at a faster rate than previously possible and strengthen our position in fast growing markets," said Chief Executive Officer Giulio Cesareo.

Posted: Jul 27,2023 by Roni Peleg