Directa Plus' Setcar reactivates contract for ground decontamination

Directa Plus stated that a previously awarded contract for soil decontamination has now been reactivated for the company's subsidiary, Setcar. The contract, effective from October 2021, for a duration of 12 months, has a value to Setcar of approximately €900,000.

The project was previously halted as a result of an archaeological site being identified within the decontamination site.

"The investigation of the site recently concluded and the project parties signed an addendum to the contract, defining the estimated total value of the project, the scope of work and the contract has now become effective", the Company said.

The scope of work involves the on-site decontamination of the soil and subsoil as well as bringing the concentrations of pollutants to the remediation thresholds from which they no longer represent a health risk for the population and the environment.

"Setcar is proving to be the 'go-to' supplier of petroleum and hydrocarbon remediation services in both ground and water in southeast Europe, said Giulio Cesareo, the founder and chief executive of Directa Plus.

Posted: Oct 17,2021 by Roni Peleg