Directa Plus' Setcar unit awarded €1.15 million EU grant

Directa Plus has announced that its subsidiary, Setcar, has been awarded a €1.15 million grant under the EU's Regional Operational Program that supports small and medium-sized enterprises.

The grant will fund the purchase of additional equipment to be used in decontaminating oil and other substance tanks and to provide services for the clean-up of soils contaminated with petroleum products/pollutants.

"I congratulate the team at Setcar for securing this grant which will fund new plant and machinery for the business, said Giulio Cesareo, chief executive of Directa Plus. This will enable Setcar to further expand its waste treatment and disposal services for hydrocarbon-based pollutants."

The expanded services to be provided by Setcar will leverage the use of the unique Grafysorber® technology, developed and patented by Directa Plus, which is a graphene-based solution for treating water sludges and emulsions containing hydrocarbons.

Grafysorber® is sustainably produced, non-flammable and reusable, with the adsorbed hydrocarbons recoverable, said Directa Plus. It is at least five times more effective than current technologies - adsorbing more than 100 times its own weight of oil-based pollutants.

Posted: Aug 09,2021 by Roni Peleg