Elcora Advanced Materials announced starting construction of graphene facility

Elcora Advanced Materials has announced that it has started construction of its graphene production facility. Elcora is constructing its own graphene production facility in the Canadian city of Halifax, Nova Scotia to supply high quality graphene.

The plant is meant to have a modular design in which each "line" will be able to produce 100 kg of graphene per year. The plant will use a graphite precursor specially processed and refined for the Elcora graphene process within the vertically integrated supply chain.

Equipment for the project has already been specified and ordered. Installation is anticipated to commence in February and March of 2016 with full production anticipated within the second quarter of 2016.

Elcora views this step as the commencement of production of a multi-disciplined research and development effort within its vertical integration model, wherein processes at each stage have been optimized for graphene production. This facility will supply quality graphene to the research and development community, and will hopefully lead to the production of various applications.

In January 2016, Elcora announced that it is working the development of a unique graphene production process, which can use a wide variety of graphite sources as raw material. In October 2014, Elcora announced plans to become a vertically-integrated carbon company, from graphite mining to graphene production.

Posted: Feb 11,2016 by Roni Peleg