ESC and Evercloak to collaborate on project to build pilot-scale commercial production of graphene-based membranes

Environmental Systems Corporation (ESC) and Evercloak have announced a new CAD$4.6 million (around USD$3.64 million) collaborative project to build up to pilot-scale commercial production of graphene-based membranes. The project will be funded by Next Generation Manufacturing Canada (NGen) from the Ministry of Innovation, Science, and Economic Development Canada.

"This is a very exciting time for us. This collaboration represents a crucial building block towards net-zero by the year 2030 by reducing energy processes for cleanrooms. We are very excited to work with Evercloak and NGen on this initiative," said Vern Solomon, Founder/ Innovator of ESC.



Cleanroom facilities will typically use 3050 times more energy than a typical commercial building because they have to maintain precise temperature, humidity, air pressure and air quality controls. Any drop or fluctuation in any one of these parameters could have catastrophic results on the sensitive electronics, pharmaceuticals, or agriculture within, as well as financial losses for the companies involved.


Evercloak's graphene membranes can potentially improve the energy efficiency of air conditioning and dehumidification systems, thus dramatically reducing a cleanroom facility's operating costs; and more importantly, reducing global carbon emissions in the process.

This project will see ESC and Evercloak working closely together to integrate these membranes into the manufacturing of critical environment systems and cleanrooms with stringent requirements for temperature, humidity, air, and pressure. The reduced emissions and costs are poised to be tremendous competitive advantages for companies in pharmaceutical, biotechnology, high-value agriculture, electronics and advanced manufacturing.

"We are happy to see Canada leading the world with this technology. ESC is an innovative-thinking company and we are continuing our journey to support our clients with new technology and leading-edge critical environment facilities," said Vern Solomon.

In July 2020, ZEN Graphene Solutions partnered with Evercloak and NGen for a project focusing on graphene in cleantech manufacturing.

Posted: Aug 18,2021 by Roni Peleg