Faradyne Power

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Faradyne Power was formed in 2023 by veteran executives, scientists and entrepreneurs from the graphene, power utility, and energy innovation sectors. Their combined skill sets and business knowledge enabled Faradyne to quickly scale up and start commercializing its unique 'turbostratic' graphene.

The Company aims to provide renewable diesel, turbostratic graphene, and graphene-based energy storage and other applications, in an environmentally and economically sustainable way that benefits mankind.

Fardayne Power's graphene is said to have a special characteristic - at the atomic level, the structure of the carbon atoms is “turbostratic” in its orientation. This means that instead of layers of carbon atoms aligning directly above one another in a latticework array, the layers are slightly rotated, or twisted, relative to each other. This turbostratic orientation is rare and very beneficial especially as it relates to Energy Storage (as per the Company).

Fardayne Power established (in the United States) a turbostratic graphene plant, which started operations on 31 January 2024 with a production capacity of 360 metric tons per year. The process uses biomass to produce the graphene material. 

It seems that Faradayne Power's biomass processing plant business is called Aurora, and its turbostratic graphene operation is called "Stratic". 

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Miami, FL 33145
United States