Firmus SAM granted a patent related to electronics production using graphene, will focus on membranes for water treatment

Firmus SAM has been granted a patent for a novel electronics manufacturing method using graphene and other two-dimensional carbon crystals similar to graphene. Firmus expects to deploy graphene's potential in desalination, water treatment and contaminant removal, and will also explore other applications in electronics and other areas.

Firmus has a production facility in Warsaw, Poland and plans to use that for its graphene program.

Using graphene to build membranes seems to be a very promising field. Lockheed Martin developed a new energy-efficient graphene-based water desalination technology and are looking to commercialize this technology by 2014-2015. Recently a new start up has been formed at the University of Texas in El Paso (UTEP) - to commercialize graphene membrane based water recycling technology. We've seen related research from MIT and the ORNL, University of Colorado Boulder, UT Dallas and others.

Posted: May 29,2013 by Ron Mertens